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Teacher,Dad, Chelsea football fan. Vaguely on the left of the debate whatever that might be. Keenly interested and dedicated to making our schools better and the learner experience more exciting and creative.


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    1. I was there from August 1952 to July 1957 and yes there was bullying by teachers and pupils, but nothing as bad as stated in this report.
      There has been, and regretably always will be, bullying to a greater or lesser degree even in these so called enlightened years.
      In my time at Barnsbury you had to learn to stand up for yourself as there were not always mates willing to help you out.
      One story I recall with much unhappiness was the bullying of Paul Humphries who was a quiet, clever young lad, but totally empty of any real physical prowness such as football or running etc. He was picked on nearly every day by a couple of “gangs”; just constant sniping, not neccessarily physical but just as degrading and hurtful. Paul fell ill and was admitted to hospital with pneumonia, but he was so tired of his school life that he simply lost the will to live and gave up and passed away. As a friend I spoke to his parents and his death was a most distressing thing to be involved in. I recall speaking to our class about it and there were a few heads held down in shame.
      Some teachers – Richards, Hinchcliffe, Clinch, etc., seemed to relish the power they had over pupils and freely dealt out so called discipline at any whim, and it was not always physical. Constant bitching about how useless we were and what a waste of their time trying to teach us was the norm with some. Whilst others such as Madely [PE} and ‘Bunny’ Warren and a few others were reasonable guys. I remember Madely got me in the boxing ring with my protagonist and the problem was sorted fairly.
      In the fifth year [circa late 1956 to July 1957] at Barnsbury I was a prefect but I certainly did not meet or know of such violence as mentioned in the article and when I left I never went back to the school for any reunions as it was a period I preferred to forget. However after reading some former pupil recollections on the Barnsbury website it would appear that violence became more sinister and extreme in subsequent years.

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